Focus on complex and/or urgent cases

We prioritize providing full representation for individuals and families whose cases are legally complex, or involve sensitive client care issues, or require immediate, urgent action.

A focus of the clinic’s direct representation work is representing clients who face multiple barriers in accessing and/or responding to the legal system. This includes  homeless and under-housed individuals, those with mental illnesses, individuals with cognitive impairments, people who have experienced gender-based violence or persecution, trans people, individuals with addictions, unaccompanied minors, and people who are detained.

Immigration and refugee issues

We represent individuals and families with a variety of immigration and refugee issues where there is a complexity and/or urgency to their case, including: 

  • Judicial reviews at Federal Court of decisions from the Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada Border Services Agency, or Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada
  • Refugee claims and appeals 
  • Applications requesting humanitarian and compassionate considerations
  • Inadmissibility cases at the Immigration Division and Immigration Appeal Division
  • Detention reviews at the Immigration Division
  • Sponsorship appeals at the Immigration Appeal Division
  • Applications to defer removal and motions to stay removal