Immigration and refugee issues

We represent individuals and families with a variety of immigration and refugee issues where there is a complexity and/or urgency to their case, including:

  • Judicial reviews at Federal Court of decisions from the Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada Border Services Agency, or Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada
  • Refugee claims and appeals
  • Applications requesting humanitarian and compassionate considerations
  • Inadmissibility cases at the Immigration Division and Immigration Appeal Division
  • Detention reviews at the Immigration Division
  • Sponsorship appeals at the Immigration Appeal Division
  • Applications to defer removal and motions to stay removal

Legal advice and information

Individuals who meet the financial criteria and have questions about an immigration and refugee legal matter can contact our clinic for an appointment with a lawyer where their legal options will be discussed. Interpretation services will be arranged if required.

Representation at courts and tribunals

Clinic lawyers can represent individuals at their hearings before tribunals and courts as well as with applications requiring legal submissions.

Systemic litigation

We engage in litigation that has the potential to affect the rights of many people, challenging unfairness in refugee and immigration law and procedures, and in how they are applied.

Advocating for change

Alongside community partners, we work to change the policies and laws that repeatedly create unfairness for our clients.

Mentorship and education

The clinic offers placements for law students and mentorship opportunities for junior lawyers. We also provide legal education workshops for the public and service providers across the province on immigration and refugee legal issues.

Focus on complex and/or urgent cases

We prioritize providing full representation for individuals and families whose cases are legally complex, or involve sensitive client care issues, or require immediate, urgent action.

A focus of the clinic’s direct representation work is representing clients who face multiple barriers in accessing and/or responding to the legal system. This includes  homeless and under-housed individuals, those with mental illnesses, individuals with cognitive impairments, people who have experienced gender-based violence or persecution, trans people, individuals with addictions, unaccompanied minors, and people who are detained.